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Christian InsuranceComprehensive Review by the Specialists

Insurance is complex, ever changing and increasingly subject to stringent regulation. We will undertake a comprehensive review of your existing arrangements if required - both in terms of premium and covers to ensure that you are adequately covered. We identify and present the most competitive church insurance packages sourced, highlight any possible gaps in existing cover and offer any optional extensions which become available.

Whether you are an individual church or part of a much larger denominational group we would be pleased to discuss and advise on your church insurance requirements. Our full contact details are shown at the bottom of this page.

Directed by a Chartered Insurance Broker and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute we offer an ethical, considered and professional service in the United Kingdom. Please call us on 020 8651 7420, or Alternatively you may submit a request for a call back here.

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Church Insurance

Our knowledge of church insurance means we are able to give you advice and quotations on the best policy suitable for your the needs of your church, fellowship, chapel or meeting place. The policies that we recommend give cover for buildings, contents, equipment, money, and liabilities where appropriate and are tailored to your individual requirements. In addition, cover is available for legal expenses and public liability for all activities, including youth activities anywhere in the UK.

Flexible low cost cover for Church Fellowships is also available.

Please visit our church insurance webpage for more information.

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Charity Insurance

Charity insurance need not be complicated. Our expertise in this area of insurance and the contacts with insurers means we can cover most eventualities. Charity policies range from basic public and employers' liability to those catering for buildings and contents of the charity offices, equipment away from the premises, loss of revenue, trustee indemnity and world wide activities. School Insurance can also be arranged.

Please visit our charity insurance webpage for more information.

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Trustee Insurance

Many trustees will be surprised to learn that the law is harsher towards charity trustees than company directors. Careful consideration should be given to providing indemnity for all trustees. Cover for: damages and expenses arising from any 'wrongful act'; dishonesty losses not recoverable from the trustee; loss of documents; Errors and omissions relating to professional counselling can also be covered. More information and a proposal form is available on our charity insurance webpage.

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Mini Bus Insurance

Minibus insurance has become a difficult market, yet with our contacts we are able to arrange very competitive cover for church, charity and care home multi-seat vehicles which are not used for private hire. By selecting careful drivers we are able to reward minibus owners with lower premiums from not having to subsidise those who have a poor claims history.

For more information please see our minibus insurance page here.

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Commercial and Liability Insurance

It is estimated that 20% of small to medium business suffer a major disaster every 5 years and that 90% of businesses without a business continuity plan never re-open after suffering a major disaster. Do you have a business continuity plan? Your insurance will play a vital role in the recovery process, but it makes sense to complement it with a business continuity plan.

Whatever business you run we can usually arrange competitive, quality packages for commercial companies covering contents, business interruption, employer's liability, products liability, professional indemnity, goods in transit and more.

Whether you run a restaurant, book shop, office, warehouse, manufacturing, hotel, conference centre, bakery, supermarket, chemists, surgery, veterinary practice, retail shop or processing business we look forward to assisting you with your insurance. Please do not hesitate to call on 020 8651 7420 even if we have not listed your individual business.

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Home Insurance

We have facilities offering discounts to church members, charity workers or those with charity affiliation for leading a responsible lifestyle. Cover can be arranged for home buildings, contents, personal possessions whilst you are away from the home, caravans and legal expenses. We can also arrange cover for business office equipment if you work from home.

Specialist High Net Worth Home insurance can be arranged to cover high value homes. We can recommend specialist professional surveyors and independent valuers to help establish the levels of cover and to provide solutions to any security concerns you may have. Policies are tailored to your specific requirements.

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Travel Insurance

Whether you are taking a holiday in the UK or anywhere in the world either for a single trip or for an extended stay we can arrange cover for your luggage, money medical expenses and even motor breakdown. Reduced or free rates for children when accompanied by an insured parent. Mission journeys and tours can also be covered.

For more information please see our Freetime Travel Insurance page here.

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Specialist Insurance

Most insurances can be arranged - whether you need cover for your professional indemnity, trustee indemnity, touring caravan, motorcycle, nursing home, high net worth home buildings and contents or your boat, we will seek the best value contract for you. If for any reason we do not have a market, we will always try to point you in the right direction free of charge!

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